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Your Rings, Your Fingers

A  friend of mine was telling me about her experience with wearing a ring on particular finger. She wore the rings on her thumbs and was asked by an old Chinese lady for her peculiarity. My friend just wears it as a fashion without any meaning to it, yet she came to ask me whether they got any meanings. I remember sometimes back, I’ve written about birth stones, But I don’t have a clue on significant of wearing a ring on each finger or is there any at all?

As my nature, I like to check things out when I have some unresolved quests hence I did a bit of research on it and got this interesting information about fingers. No doubt, everything has its own meanings. The first major factor to consider when analyzing a person’s hands is the concept of left and right being reflections of the subconscious and conscious mind, respectively. The wearing of rings will reveal areas of inhibitions, restrictions, or emphasis in the social realms governed by that finger. I got some ideas about what each hand means and how to observer someone personality just by looking at the hand positioning/gestures. The left hand is a reflection of man’s instinct and those beliefs and attitudes that are buried deep within the subconscious mind. The right hand is a reflection of man’s logical mind and those personal thoughts and preferences that are consciously known even though they are not always discussed openly. Also found out these little facts on each fingers. I bet, you’ll be thinking twice which finger to wear a ring after you’ve read the article.

The Thumb

Head 10 Clip Art

Willpower Points to the self in a moment of personal pride, that closes over a fist when personally attacked. It is associated with the total self … the thumb represents the self… A person who consistently keeps the thumb well separated from the rest of the fingers is a person who insists upon freedom of thought and action. This person values independence and the more prominently the thumbs are displayed, the more important is the sense of freedom at that moment.

The Index Finger

Authority This is the finger that wags in disapproval, that gestures informed or stubborn expertise, that indicates silent direction and commands. It is associated with leadership and ambition. It is rather interesting to note those fashion seekers who wear rings on their index fingers.

Image Detail

The Middle Finger

Identity This is the finger most often used in obscene gesturing when one wishes to express an offense to personal dignity. This seems to be the finger with the most strength and balance, rooted firmly in the center of the hand. It is associated with our role in life, practicality, and the regulation of the foundations and limits of self. This finger announces “I am” and governs the way we see ourselves, our potentials, and our limitations. A ring on this finger can announce that the person is unsure of personal roles or a place in society.

The Ring Finger

Creativity Associated with affections, optimism, and artistic appreciation…This finger governs the potential of the shared self – what a person creates for self and for others as well as the legacies left after passing on. Such creativity extends to physical creation as well as material and mental creation. The ring finger on the left hand is the only one with a direct connection to the heart. It is therefore more than coincidence that this became the finger that we restrict with a band at the marriage ceremony. It is a self-imposed restriction of the subconscious desires to share the self with others. A wedding, friendship, or engagement ring announces that the person’s creative fantasies are limited to the donor of that ring.

Image Detail

The Little Finger

:Relationships This finger expresses man’s attitudes toward personal and sexual relationships. It is associated with rewards, both on a personal and materialistic level. A wide space would indicate freedom and independence of action in relationships with people and in all money-making endeavors. A more closed position would indicate that the person is less free with confidence, attentions, or speculations in finances. This finger indicates the person’s confidence in dealing with money – especially the ability to attract money through other people. The little finger also relates a person’s attitude about sexuality and relationships with the opposite sex. To wear a ring on the little finger might announce an insecurity in relationships with people, perhaps even a sexual insecurity. Man, that’s a lot isn’t it? I don’t know how they made those up anyway a good leisure time reading though.

Image Detail

So, coming back to my friend having rings on both thumbs, I guess it’s either she has some strong will or it’s just a sense of fashion with outlandish style. Probably the latter.


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